Charlie Gavask installs hard valve seats in 444MH, circa 1989
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The engine had been in my '31 Model "A" Fordoor for 1500 miles before we installed it in Howard's Pietenpol Air Camper N444MH.

Before flying with a passenger, we decided the old four-banger would need hardened valave seats. Our friend and Model "A" expert Terry Oberer told us Charlie Gavask could install seats, so we all (Howard, me, Terry & Charlie) met at the hangar, and Charlie did the job. Here are a few photos I took that day:

01 02 03
04 05 06

Notice the one-blade cutter above. And Charlie just drove 'em in with a hammer on that cold winter day.

Recently (12/16/16) on youtube I found more sophisticated tools being used to perform the same task; made these screen shots:

Another pretty good web page by