Grant MacLaren's
1950 Chris Craft Sportsman

Hull # U18766
Power - 95 hp Chris Craft "K"

Trailer Tires
When purchased used in 2016, the three trailer tires were about 20 years old, and of the bias-ply type. Not suitable for towing at highway speeds. Until recently the trailer was needed only for the boat's annual short ride from its garage to the launch ramp.

New tires would be needed if the boat was to travel. The axle bearings would also need to be serviced. And the trailer would need a better system to secure the boat to the trailer -- more later.

With measuring help from the Seller, I "sized" new tires -- and wheels -- and ordered two new radial tires and two new steel wheels. This would save me the hassel of finding tires and mounting them 300 miles from home. The new tires are:

Provider ST 215/75 R tires on 14" White Spoke Wheels - 5 on 4-1/2 - LRD

I'll use one of the "old" tires on its wheel for a sapre.

The new tires were purchased from near St. Louis.

More about the wheels and tires:


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