Scans of 35 mm slides

At the November meeting of GAMUG, I asked if others could recommend a company to do scanning of slides.

Of the companies mentioned, I chose Scan Cafe and sent the first 1000 (of the maybe 5000) to them for scanning. I am quite pleased with the results and am sending another 500 slides to them this week (1/10/17).

Below are links to a few examples of the results so far. The first two images are 3000dpi .jpg files -- as received on two DVDs provided by Scan Cafe. The third is a screen shot showing some attributes of Scan 2. The fourth is an example of how I might prepare an image for use on a web page. The fifth is as described in its link.

Scan 1 -- 5.7 MB

Scan 2 -- 5.3 MB

Screen Shot of Scan 2 -- 171 KB

Edited and optimized for web use -- 198 KB

A web page employing scanned images, cropped & optimized.


Another pretty good web page by
Grant MacLaren